Speak for an abused or neglected child in the court system. These are all children who have been removed from the home and have been placed in a foster or group home.

Help out our staff with day to day activities. From filing to grant-writing, we always need support in the office to stay on track and keep things rolling. There are lots of opportunities.

Are festivals, gatherings, and other events your thing? We would love to have you has an event volunteer to help us distrubute information to the public and share the CASA mission

Volunteer – Child Advocate

Volunteer Advocate Job Description
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Feel free to submit an application!
We will review and get back to you.

Phelps, Pulaski, Texas, and Maries
Email: info@casascmo.org

Volunteer – Support

Support volunteers are devoted individuals who love people and care about children, but do not necessarily wish to be child advocates. Please consider supporting our staff working in our office on a volunteer basis.

Support Volunteer Application by County
Email to info@casascmo.org

Volunteer – Event Help

CASASCMO holds many events annually and also attends fairs and other gatherings in every county of the 25th Judicial Circuit. We need eager volunteers to help set up/take down booths, talk about the CASA program, and help out our staff with planning.

If you would like to help with a CASA event, please contact Brock at 573-202-8405 or at info@casascmo.org